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Power to the People

I don’t need a Power Grid, but…

Electrical outlets in hotel rooms are a total mystery to me. I have been in numerous rooms recently where I have scoured the room searching for an outlet and have finally discovered the sole semi-accessible outlet to be in the middle of the wall behind the bed, or behind a nightstand or requires the unplugging of a lamp or the tv in order to be used.  

The irony is that while I may be carrying a number of power-requiring gadgets with me, the hotel itself often provides several electrical appliances such as an iron and a coffee maker. On many occasions I have struggled to find a suitable outlet into which I can plug the iron. And even then, it requires a decision about whether to plug in the coffee maker or the iron.

I have begun to carry a small extension cord with me to allow the plugging of multiple devices into the single outlet. It seems to me that providing a small power bar might be a good practice for the hotels who say that they cater to business people.

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